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Ann Fallows

My journey with homoeopathic medicine began over 15 years ago to address my own health concerns. As my practitioner jouneyed with me through all of my challenges and lovingly supported me to a healthier place, I was inspired to study homoeopathic medicine. I now hold an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy which I completed in 2005 at Nature Care College, St Leonards.

I understand the process it takes to unravel dis-ease and then begin the buliding blocks to a place of ease. My aim is always in understanding my patients including all their ailments and then select the most suitable homoeopathic medicine for the entire presenting condition.  When it comes to patient treatment, the whole person is taken into account, physically, mentally and emotionally, a whole that is dynamic and unique. My method is to find, then remove the central disturbance bringing change and better health with it. In this way, many and varied health conditions can be sucessfully treated and managed.

My current passion and joy is working with children with disabilities including Autism and Aspergers disease. Watching these children unravel their sensitivities and improve on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially is inspiring and rewarding.
So, if you are wanting to get assistance to change the things you think you can't and to improve and perhaps transform your health and your life, then I would be delighted to work with you. Please contact me for an appointment. or m:0439499085
  • Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy
  • Diploma Reflexology
  • Cert IV Remedial Massage

Member: ATMS, AROH, AHA.

Interests and hobbies: Nature walks, jogging, yoga, tai chi, pilates, art, design, textiles.


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