what the homoeopathic medicines can manage


*Autism and Aspergers
*Pervasive developmental disorders
*Anxiety and Depression
*Adverse effects of Vaccinations
*Teething distress in toddlers
*Jaw pain
*Abdominal pain
*Mouth ulcers
*Stress and stress related issues
*Behavioural disorders
*learning difficulties
*Skin conditions including acne, warts, tinea.
*Sleeping disorders
*Bed wetting
*Digestive disorders including IBS.
*Headaches and migraines
*Coughs and colds
*Menstrual disorders including PMT.
*Easing menopausal symptoms.
*Hormonal disorders*
*Weight gain and Weight loss
*Hyperactivity disorders including ADHD
*Thyroid problems
*Teething distress in infants and toddlers
*Psychological and emotional issues
*Fears and phobias
*Fatigue and Tiredness
*Easing the pain after grief, loss and trauma
*Musculo-skeletal pain and injuries.
*** There are infinite possibilities as to what can be achieved to assist you towards better health and well being ***so come on in and let's get started. Please contact me with your enquiry. ann@hhawp.com.au. m:0439 499085
Stressed out with exams or work?
Too shy to speak up?
In pain & feeling irritable?
Feeling distressed after a breakup?
Sleepless nights?
Having trouble concentrating at work or at school?
Angry and moody all the time?
Feeling uptight and just can’t seem to relax?
Are your hormones driving you crazy?
Feeling restless and you can’t sit still? 
Nervous & worried?
Feeling flat and unmotivated?
Just not feeling right?
Change is possible.
I will gladly assist you and your body towards better health & well-being.
Remember: Always seek medical advice in emergencies. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist.


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