the homoeopathic consultation

Homoeopathy aims to bring the mind and body back into balance. The impact of an imbalance in one area of health often impacts on other areas. This has a ripple effect not only on our own lives but on the lives of those around us. Some underlying causes may be grief or loss, changes in living circumstances, hormonal changes, relationship tensions, a new baby or problems at work or at home.
If our symptoms are unresolved, ignored or suppressed, further ailments can emerge, leading to a myriad of health concerns. Homoeopathy takes into account all of the symptoms experienced and offers a way to assist in managing those symptoms by assisting us back to a state of balance. Often a person may receive management for one symptom, like sadness or mood swings and find seemingly unrelated symptoms like sleeplessness, also resolve themselves. That's the great advantage of homoeopathic treatment. It treats multiple problems at the same time.
 All aspects of a person are taken into account when treating disease as we listen and assess all aspects of the disease picture presenting itself within you. Please contact us with your enquiry: m:0439 499085
Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed to manage health disorders in patients on a case by case basis. Therefore each prescription of medicine and its management is tailor made for you.
Initial consultation: The first consultation usually takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the chronicity of the disorder. This is so I can gain an in-depth understanding of your health condition. My approach is very thorough and considered with my aim to understand you physically, mentally and emotionally. By finding and removing the central disturbance of the dis-ease state within you, change is possible of every level of health.
You will be amazed at the things held within you for so long. It is a journey of self discovery and unravelling to reveal, renew and revitalise you, your body, your mind, your spirit. In this way many and varied health issues may be well treated and managed. Do you want to be well and stay well? Then this may be a journey for you.
 In most chronic cases homoeopathic medicines will be ready for collection within a day or two. In acute cases, within a few hours, if not immediately. From time to time and with your consent I may work together with other health practitioners to ensure the best treatment and management for your health condition.
Follow-ups: The follow up consultations are usually 40mins- 1 hour.
Homoeopathic medicines may work very quickly. It is not uncommon for you to notice changes within minutes or days depending on what is being treated. Thats another bonus for homoepathic treatment. It's very fast and effective.
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