Bridgets testimonial

I originally went to see Ann for my persistent headaches which had been plaguing me since I was a teenager.

Ann explained that her wholistic approach of treating my entire body would treat my headaches.

I explained to Ann that I was on Ritalin for a daytime sleeping disorder,(idiopathic Hypersomolence), I had a tendency to binge eat( especially popcorn and ice-cream) that I was unhappy with my weight. I also mentioned that I have a tendency to cry easily and feel scattered and unfocused a lot of time; that I suffer with coldsores and had a tendency to clear my throat quite frequently, which was annoying to those around me at work.

With Ann's gentle approach I felt comfortable to open up more and more every session and took the homoeopathic medicine that she made up for me. I have been seeing Ann regularly since January 2014. I am feeling so much better now- my headaches are now nearly non-existent and I rarely need to take any pain relief medication.( I used to take 4 panadol/day). As a bonus, I have been able to reduce my dependence on Ritalin as I don't fall asleep to the same extent as I did before the Homoeopathic treatment .(I use to need 6 tablets per day, now I take 2 a day on average. I am more focued at work and don't take things as personally as I did. I am happy to say that I have also lost 8kgs as I don't binge eat as frequently. I feel so much healthier and happier, I would thoroughly recommend Ann for anyone with health and emotional issues.

Bridget  May 2016

Kates Testimonial

I visited Ann in October 2012. I was looking for a homoeopath for my 3 year old son who was diagnosed with Autism and was suffering with persistent ear infections which were not responding to antibiotics. 

I decided to try homoeopathic treatment with Ann. Since we started treating my son homoeopathically my son is a different person. He is happy, laughes all the time, his ear infections and night sweats have completely disappeared, he is now socially more aware and loves riding his bike with his cousins. His language is building up and he surprises me with new words and sentences every day.

My son is now 6 years old and has made huge progress under Anns care. He now attends a mainstream school. Kate 22/09/2015

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