homoeopathic medicines

Homoeopathic medicines can be used to treat many different health issues and the amazing benefit is that it usually treats a number of your symptoms of dis-ease at the same time. That's because of the holistic nature of homoeopathy and the assessment, treatment and management plan.

Homoeopathic healthcare also has the advantage of assisting your body in unravelling the disease process. Please click on the Autism tab and the Articles tab and read the incredible story of one young boy's journey to better mental health. This is just one of the amazing stories The Homoeopathic Health & Wellbeing Practice has to talk about.







We all want great health and wellbeing and homoeopathic medicine offers healthcare for families who prefer a holistic approach to their family's health. The medicines are dispensed as drops or sugar pills which are easy and pleasant to take.

The medicines are selected on an individual basis, unique prescriptions for each person being treated. For example, a shy personality will be given a different medicine to someone who is outgoing and boisterous even though they both may have the same medical diagnosis. Again this is due to the holistic nature of the treatment process of homoeopathy.  All aspects of a person and their symptoms are taken into account before a medicine is selected for treatment and management of the existing health condition. This ensures very effective results and can even be helpful to assist in treating disease you have been putting up with for years.

Homoeopathic medicines are made from a variety of sources, commonly from plants and minerals. They are prepared under strict guidelines in international pharmacopoeias and under control of the TGA.

Homoeopathic medicines may be used in conjunction with any other medicine. However, for any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be regularly assessed by your health care professional or specialist and get your medicines reviewed regularly.



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