Unravelling Autism

Is this possible? Yes it is!

How do Homoeopathic medicines assist in the treatment and management of Autism?

Homoepathic medicines work deeply within the body to unravel and repair damaged tissues and cells in response to a persons trauma or sensitivity. 

My skill as a homoeopath is to find the central disturbance of the individual suffering with Autism or ASD and select the most appropriate homoeopathic medicine suitable to their unique presentation of physical, mental, behavioural and emotional sensitivities. My method of prescibing is on a case by case basis. Then I discuss and implement a treatment management plan.

Why do some children become autistic after a vaccination and yet others remain relatively healthy?

My job as a homoeopath is to find the missing link, that something else, that sensitivity  within the individual that may make a person respond unfavourably to a stimulus such as a vaccination. Then, I prescribe the most suitable medicine to detoxify, repair and strengthen the body and mind into a healthier and more resilient state of being so the sufferer can engage with the world, learn, read, skip and jump!

Expected outcomes with Homoeopathic Treatment & Management.

***Increased language development and vocabulary.

***Increased capacity to learn and engage in educational and recreational activities

***Increased social interactions.

***Decreased sensory sensitivities, e.g. to noise.

***Decreased peculiar mannerisms and behaviours.

***Decreased restricted and repetitive interests and behaviours.

Testimonial from a Happy Mother

I visited Ann in October 2012. I was looking for a homoeopath for my 3 year old son diagnosed with Autism. Since we started his Homoeopathic treatment my son is a different person. He is happy, laughes all the time, his chronic ear infections and night sweats have completely disappeared. He is now socially aware and loves riding his scooter and bike with his cousins. His language is building up and he surprises me with new words and sentences every day. My son is now 6 years old and has made huge progress under Ann's care. He now attends a mainstream school. Kate: 22/9/2015.





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