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Therapeutic massage is beneficial for everyone suffering from work related stress or the effects of living busy lifestyles. Massage will not only aid with relaxation but also relieve physical symptoms such as back and shoulder pain that come from sitting at desks for prolonged periods or from sport, physical labour or illness.

Regular massage is part of a healthy lifestyle producing and promoting better health physically and psychologically.

My massage treatments are an integration of relaxation techniques combined with the firmer pressure of remedial technique, softening and mobilising tight muscles allowing greater range of movement. Acupressure points and reflexology techniques can be integrated to meet your individual requirements.

Do you want to reduce pain, reduce stress, increase your range of movement, improve circulation and feel better? We look forward to meeting you and assisting you soon.

Remedial Stone Fusion- the best of both worlds

Remedial stone fusion is a combination of remedial massage and the use of massage with hot and or cold stones. RSF produces deep relaxation very quickly and is highly effective for reducing stress, anxiety, pain and poor circulation. Alternating hot and cold stones creates deep thermo therapeutic healing by relaxing muscles, decongesting tissues and easing sore joints. Although it is a wonderfully calming and blissful treatment all year round, the added warmth is especially nurturing and comforting in the winter months


What are your feet trying to tell you?

Reflexology stems from the science of pressure points where energy can be stimulated or released by reflex action. Reflexology is based on the principle that all parts of the body are reflected on the feet and hands. Pressure areas on the feet and hands are stimulated to activate nerve endings corresponding to all body organs and tissues aiming to establish equilibrium.

Stress, toxins and illness create blockages inhibiting the flow of energy. Stimulation of these congested reflexes assists in clearing these blockages allowing the flow of energy to be restored.

Some of the benefits of reflexology are: reduced stress, improved circulation, boosting lymphatic function, detoxifying the body, improving the quality of sleep and recovery after illness.




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